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about us
Our statement in brief : Photography is our passion.
In former times the process in the development of black and white films and the enlargement of the negatives was always fascinating for us. To work with different sensitive black and white films and to work with different photo papers was a nice thing. Therefore we have learned the basics of photography over many years. Aperture, time and sensitivity are not foreign word for us. Since 2000 we have changed to digital photography and we have started the first exhibition in 2004. Between 2004- 2013 we have performed nearly 25 exhibitions alone or with other artists. We also won various prizes during this time.
As you can see our photografic interest has a wide range. To work in the studio or on location is a fine thing for us. Photography gives us a great satisfaction in our life. And a picture tell us more than thousand words.
By the way...we treat our photos with different picture programs...and this is not a problem for us..due to the fact that a jpg image from the camera (internal development) is not the original picture.

Photography is our passion
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